Changi International Airport - The Unofficial Airports Guide

Singapore Airport Transfer

There are several options for getting from the airport into the city center, or elsewhere in Singapore. If you're traveling light, with just a small carry-on bag, then the cheapest and fastest option is the subway system, the SMRT. The fare to just about any part of Singapore is less than S$ 2 (1.64 USD). Note that trains from the airport go only as far as Tanah Merah station. From there you must change to a west-bound train to Boon Lay.

In addition to the train, there are two other options: the airport shuttle and taxi. The airport shuttle service actually utilizes van taxis, which are shared among several passengers heading to hotels in the same area. A taxi will cost you around S$ 18 (14.80 USD) to S$ 30 (24.67 USD) including airport surcharges, while the shuttle is only S$ 9 (7.40 USD).

Both Avis and Hertz have car rental counters at Changi Airport. Avis is present in all three terminals, while Hertz is in Terminals 2 and 3 only.

Although transfers are quick and easy at the airport, if you're arriving at an odd hour or in a small group, you may wish to book a transfer in advance: