Adisucipto International Airport - The Unofficial Airports Guide

Security at Yogyakarta Airport

Security at Adisucipto International Airport is relatively tight, but not extreme. First and foremost, you are strongly advised to lock your bags. Despite increased security, pilferage from checked bags is still a problem in Indonesia. There is no need to use special "TSA" locks. Regular key or combination locks can be used.

Departing passengers will face the following security issues:

  • Only ticketed passengers may enter the terminal buildings. You will need to show your ticket to the guards before entering the departure areas.
  • There is also a security screening to go through before you can get to the check-in counters. All bags must be scanned, as well as you. The screening is somewhat cursory. You do not need to remove your belt or shoes, and your laptop can stay in its case.
  • Domestic passengers need to have their checked bags strapped at the stations next to the entrance scanners before they can be checked-in.
  • You must go through a second security screening to gain access to your gate. This screening is more strict. Liquid, aerosol and gel rules apply for this screening. Laptops and your bag of liquids should be removed from your carry-on bag. If you fail the first pass through the metal detector, security personnel will usually ask you to remove your belt and watch.


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