Fingerprints and Mug Shots on tap for Bali Visitors

I’ve been hearing mentions that this might be in the works, and now it seems to be official: Visitors to Indonesia, starting with Bali, will now have their fingerprints and pictures taken. According to Bali Discovery, fingerprints will be taken using an ink-less scanner. No word on how the photography will work, although one would assume that it would be similar to the web-cam systems used in many other countries.

The system will eventually be rolled out to all points of entry in Indonesia.

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One comment on “Fingerprints and Mug Shots on tap for Bali Visitors
  1. Michael says:

    I’m just seeing word that the fingerprint and photo process has been halted, at least temporarily. It’s been reported that the entire process was taking around two hours, and as long as four. Needless to say, this was upsetting a lot of visitors as well as those in the tourism industry.

    I haven’t seen any official report of this yet, but will post a link if and when I do.