Kuala Lumpur International Airport - The Unofficial Airports Guide

Kuala Lumpur International Airport Transfers

The airport is quite some distance from the city center. The main options to get to and from the airport is by either a one and a half hour, 95 Ringgit (284.86 USD) taxi ride; or an express train linking KLIA to the city center's consolidated transportation hub, Sentral. The train runs non-stop between the airport and Sentral, taking less than 35 minutes to make the trip. The one-way cost is 35 Ringgit (104.95 USD). If you're heading to the low-cost terminal, you may wish to consider taking Air Asia's bus service instead. These buses also leave from Sentral and go directly to the LCCT, which is some distance from the main terminal where the express train stops. The cost is just 9 Ringgit (26.99 USD). You can also book the following airport transfers in advance: