Changi International Airport - The Unofficial Airports Guide

Singapore Airport Lounges

The Singapore Airlines business class lounge in Terminal Two is definitely designed for business. There is free wi-fi connectivity throughout the lounge, and there are many comfortable workstations to make it easy to work while seated in soft arm chairs. If you didn't bring your own notebook, there are several computers available for use in an alcove off the main room. A generous buffet has sandwiches, some hot finger foods as well as fruit juices, soft drinks and selected alcoholic drinks. Showers are available in the rest rooms.

Malaysia Airlines also operates its own lounge in Terminal Two, while in Terminal One, Thai Airways operates a lounge also available to Star Alliance Gold card holders. Lastly, British Airways and Qantas also jointly operate a lounge. The Thai lounge has the usual amenities of free food and drinks, magazines and wi-fi internet access (although the security parameters may make using the internet problematic). There are about four computers for internet use by those without their own laptop. Note that the lounge has no bathrooms of its own. You must use the public restrooms just down the hall.

In all terminals, the SATS Premier Lounge has spa services, nap rooms and showers, as well as regular lounge services. The lounge is located above Gate C1 and costs S$ 25++ (30.40 USD) for initial entry. Some facilities will incur additional charges.

The Plaza Premium lounge in Terminal 2 offers a self-service buffet of foods and drinks, Internet access, showers and other amenities. The lounge is used for first and business class passenger service by many airlines, or you can purchase access starting at S$ 30 (36.48 USD). See Plaza Premium's web site for more information or view the link below.